Lantern Expands On-Demand Adult-Use Cannabis Delivery to Denver

Lantern partners with local cannabis businesses including Frost, Strawberry Fields, and Grn Bus, to launch the first consumer-facing e-commerce platform in the Greater Denver area.

BOSTON, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --PRESS RELEASE-- Lantern, an on-demand cannabis e-commerce marketplace and home delivery platform in the U.S., today became the first marketplace to launch adult-use cannabis deliveries in Denver, Colorado. Lantern has been serving Colorado consumers since March 2021.

Lantern's Denver marketplace is launching in partnership with local dispensaries including Frost and Strawberry Fields and their courier partner, Grn Bus. In Aurora, Lantern is also expanding its coverage with the launch of its partnership with GoodChemistry. Customers over the age of 21 can now order from a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products on and have their favorite recreational products delivered to their doorstep. The company has broadened its delivery zone to two of the most populated cities in Colorado and is supported by a cohesive network of business partners. Lantern was originally incubated out of Drizly Group, an online alcohol delivery platform in North America. Denver is Drizly's third largest market, and Drizly will provide a pathway for Lantern to build trust with Denver's cannabis community.

Following the launch, Lantern will add more local dispensaries over the summer, with Colorado Harvest, Mighty Tree, and Higher Grade expected to be available in the coming months.

"We are excited to offer modern and personalized cannabis retail experiences in one of the most established markets in the country," said Meredith Mahoney, Co-founder and CEO of Lantern. "Lantern's latest expansion is possible thanks to our reliable partners at Grn Bus, Frost, Strawberry Fields, and GoodChemistry. Collaborating with local businesses with deep community relationships allows us to drive brand awareness organically and build long-lasting connections with new audiences."

Lantern is committed to working with community organizations to create a comprehensive social equity program that will benefit entrepreneurs throughout the country. Thus far, the company has launched social equity-focused incubator programs in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. In Denver, Lantern has continued to support The Color of Cannabis, an advocacy group that leads a 10-week course to help entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds navigate the cannabis industry.

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