California to Celebrate 2022 CA State Fair Cannabis Award Winners

The winners, announced previously, will be recognized this month at the California State Fair.

2022 CA State Fair Cannabis Awards

The inaugural set of Golden Bear trophies will be distributed to winners of the 2022 CA State Fair Cannabis Awards this month when the California State Fair hosts the finale of its first such cannabis competition. The fair runs July 15 – 31 in Sacramento.

The award divisions include: Outdoor, Indoor and Mixed Light. Within those divisions are more focused categories, “three primary cannabinoids, six terpenes and one co-dominant terpene profile.”

Taking home the Gold for the Outdoor Myrcene category, for example, is Naughty Squirrel Farms’ Lemon Vuitton.

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An overarching Best of California division also awards trophies to the very best cultivar in each category—across the three divisions.

See the full list of winners here

“Each submission was tested by SC Labs to the highest standards, which generated its own Phytofacts® chemometric report that verified the results by division and category,” according to hosts Cultivar Brands and the California Exhibition & State Fair. “Medals were awarded based on overall terpene or cannabinoid expression in each of the ten categories. Terpenes winners were further evaluated by category by considering the ratio of each terpene against the overall terpene concentration in each submission. This ensured that each flower was properly classified and true to its unique makeup.”

Those chemometric reports are available for each winner. Naughty Squirrel Farms’ Lemon Vuitton’s report shows a 1.9% myrcene measurement within its terpene profile. 

“Adding cannabis cultivation, alongside wine, craft beer, cheese and olive oil, was a perfect fit with the CA State Fair’s history of celebrating California’s rich agriculture history,” said California Exposition & State Fair Board of Director Chair Jess Durfee in a public statement


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