Detroit Officials Propose Ordinance to Allow Adult-Use Cannabis Sales, Polls Show Promising Results for Cannabis Ballot Measures: Week in Review
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Detroit Officials Propose Ordinance to Allow Adult-Use Cannabis Sales, Polls Show Promising Results for Cannabis Ballot Measures: Week in Review

This week, Detroit Councilman James Tate and Mayor Mike Duggan unveiled details of a proposal to license and regulate adult-use businesses within the city.

October 31, 2020

This week, Detroit officials proposed an ordinance to allow adult-use cannabis sales in the city, after initially opting out of the state’s recreational market. Elsewhere, cannabis legalization polls show promising results ahead of Election Day, when four states—Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota—are set to vote on adult-use ballot measures.

Here, we’ve rounded up the 10 headlines you need to know before this week is over.

  • Federal: Fifteen percent of seniors report having used cannabis products within the past three years, primarily for therapeutic purposes, according to data published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society. Investigators affiliated with the University of California at San Diego surveyed 568 respondents at a geriatric clinic in southern California. All of the study’s participants were at least 65 years of age, and 73% of respondents were older than 75. Read more
  • Polling numbers vary, but the most recent results indicate that voters in the four states with recreational legalization on the ballot—Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota—will vote in favor of legalization. A shift in public perception and potential tax revenue are two key reasons the measures are likely to succeed, according to Fox Rothschild attorney Melissa T. Sanders. Read more
  • A recent study by the Resource Innovation Institute (RII) found that indoor cannabis cultivation facilities that utilize LED lighting systems were, on average, more energy-efficient and more productive than facilities using non-LED lights. The non-profit organization analyzed data from 84 indoor cultivators who submitted energy use and production data to the group’s Cannabis PowerScore tool, a benchmarking platform that gathers confidential facility information about energy use, production output and cultivation methods, and provides operators with ranking relative to other respondents. Read more
  • Michigan: Detroit Councilman James Tate and Mayor Mike Duggan shared details of a proposed ordinance this week that would allow adult-use cannabis sales in the city. Detroit initially opted out of Michigan’s adult-use cannabis market, instead placing a moratorium on sales to buy the city time to draft an ordinance to regulate the industry. Now, city officials plan to propose their ordinance as an amendment to the Detroit City Code, which will be considered at upcoming public hearings led by the city council. Read more
  • New Jersey: The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee approved legislation Oct. 26 that would require workers’ compensation and personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance benefits to cover medical cannabis in certain situations. A1708 was approved by the Assembly Committee on Financial Institutions earlier this year, and advanced out of the Appropriations Committee Monday in a 7-4 vote. Read more
  • Missouri: Lyndall Fraker, the director of Missouri’s medical cannabis program, believes voters could legalize adult-use cannabis in the state as early as 2022. Fraker told FOX 2 Now that he believes medical cannabis legalization was a step toward adult-use in the state. “Absolutely, I think that was the intent of the drafters,” he said. “We’ve already heard that they are going to try and work and get it on the ballot, but I don’t think the legislature will do it; I think it will have to be a petition. It’s going to be on the ballot in 2022, I’m very confident in that, but I don’t know what that language will look like.” Read more
  • Mississippi: Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler is challenging one of Mississippi’s two medical cannabis ballot measures with the state supreme court. Butler filed the complaint Oct. 27, just one week before Election Day, alleging that the number of signatures gathered to put the issue before voters does not meet standards set in the state’s constitution. Read more
  • Illinois: Curaleaf announced this week that the multi-state operator is expanding its line of Select Oil brand products to Illinois, the 15th state to carry Select Oil products. Select Elite Live cannabis oil cartridges will be the first offered in the state. Read more
  • A judge has ordered Illinois officials not to rescore cannabis dispensary applications in an ongoing licensing dispute over the state’s plan to issue 75 new retail licenses. The move comes after three finalists included in the licensing lottery filed a lawsuit over Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s plan to offer unsuccessful retail applicants a second chance to qualify for the controversial lottery. Read more
  • International: Although full election results are expected to be published Nov. 6, preliminary election results show that New Zealand is set to reject adult-use cannabis legalization. The country’s Electoral Commission has reported that 53.1% of voters opposed the cannabis referendum, but also said there are nearly half a million mostly overseas special votes that have not yet been counted and that might be enough to get legalization across the finish line. Read more