The number of adult Colorado residents (in 2014) who consumed cannabis at least once a year (based on “recent marijuana prevalence estimates for Colorado, adjusted for population growth and underreporting”).

130.3 tons

The estimated total marijuana market demand for adult Colorado residents and non-residents.*

53.3 tons

The amount by which the demand for marijuana exceeds the legal supply in Colorado.*


The percent of Colorado’s marijuana market that is consumed for medical purposes.

*Based on a 2014 report | Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s “2015 World Drug Report.”

The number of licensed marijuana producers in Canada under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations program.

Source: Health Canada


The approximate tax revenue generated in the first month of Illinois’ medical marijuana program.

Source: Chicago Tribune

$11 million

Marijuana sales from Oregon dispensaries in the first week that early recreational sales were permitted (at medical marijuana dispensaries) under Measure 91.

Source: KGW.com


The estimated number of small marijuana farms in California; 4,000 grow operations are estimated to be in Humboldt County alone.

Source: Scientific American

$1.8 million

The fine a California medical marijuana dispensary faced after operating outside San Diego’s zoning regulations.

Source: The San Diego Union Tribune


The amount of water per plant “taken by legal and illegal water diversions” in California.

Source: Scientific American

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