Hemp Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following
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Hemp Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

Whether you’re looking for tips, the latest news or curated photography, here’s a look at some of the most polished and informative hemp-related accounts on social media today.

January 31, 2020

Now that hemp is federally legal, industry-related companies and organizations have free rein to promote themselves on social media however they’d like. From photos of luscious emerald-filled farms on Instagram to a mass of daily tips on Twitter, we’ve rounded up some of the best hemp social media accounts you should be following.

  1. MontKush — Instagram: @montkush 

    If you’re an infomercial buff, you may recognize commercial king Anthony Sullivan, the face behind this new cannabidiol (CBD) hemp farm situated among the rolling hills of Vermont. With the backing of a full production crew to capture Sullivan’s ventures for an upcoming TV series, MontKush’s feed gives a behind-the-scenes look as the Oxiclean spokesman and his team get a farm-to-oil CBD company, which is inspired by his daughter, off the ground.
  1. Hemp Exchange — Instagram: @hemp.exchange 

    Whether you’re looking to be featured or just want to browse what’s available on the market, this wholesale hemp and seed broker regularly features close-up images of its available products.
  1. East Fork Cultivars — Instagram: @eastforkcultivars 

    This CBD-rich hemp producer is bringing innovation to its social media account with a regular “Humans of East Fork” series featuring mini interview sessions with its employees. The account’s story docket is also robust, featuring Instagram stories on everything from the vaping crisis and Pride Month to behind-the-scenes looks at tissue culture and harvesting processes.
  1. Greenforce Cannabis Staffing — Instagram: @greenforce_staffing

    While this Oregon-based staffing agency is focused on labor in the cannabis industry, its moody feed is a mostly outsourced curation of both the beautiful and the fun sides of cannabis, with photos ranging from up-close shots of sticky trichomes to dogs cuddling up with bud-shaped pillows. 
  1. Franny’s Farm — Instagram: @frannysfarm

    If your feed needs more goats, this account is for you. From goat yoga to weddings, Franny Tacy of North Carolina has a lot more going on at her farm besides hemp cultivation, all of which she showcases on her page.
  1. Belushi’s Farm — Instagram: @belushisfarm 

    Another TV personality, actor Jim Belushi’s cannabis farm has a social media presence brimming with personality. The sassy, meme-filled feed interspersed with goofy photos of the Belushis (along with the occasional heartfelt post touching on global issues) not only showcases the brand’s persona, but also serves up a few laughs.
  1. Colorado Hemp Project — Instagram: @colorado_hemp_project

    As an OG in the commercial hemp industry in Colorado, the social media account managers of this organic hemp farm consulting agency travel the world and showcase fun images, factoids and important uses of hemp beyond CBD. 
  1. Hemp Industries Association — Instagram: @hempindustriesassociation | Twitter: @thehia

    Filled with news, meeting notices and historical facts, these informative accounts will keep you up to speed on the latest hemp happenings. 
  1. Vote Hemp — Twitter: @votehemp

    This hemp advocacy account regularly distributes news from a broad swath of resources regarding hemp and CBD and delivers the latest updates on legislative changes in the industry.
  1. Larry Smart — Twitter: @cornellwillow 

    Lawrence Smart, Ph.D., wears several hats, including a professor in Cornell University’s School of Integrative Plant Science, the school’s Hemp Research Team project lead and a member of Hemp Grower’s advisory board. Smart regularly distributes hemp-related news as well as the latest research on hemp genetics and more on his account.