Texas Lawmaker Announces Cannabis Legalization Bill

Texas Lawmaker Announces Cannabis Legalization Bill

State Rep. Rolando Gutierrez has released his “REAL Cannabis Legalization Act” ahead of the legislature’s 2021 session.

October 29, 2019

Texas Rep. Rolando Gutierrez has unveiled a cannabis legalization proposal ahead of the state legislature’s 2021 legislative session in the hopes of gaining the support needed from lawmakers to successfully pass the legislation.

The proposal, which Gutierrez has named the “REAL Cannabis Legalization Act,” aims to establish a system to manufacture, distribute and tax adult-use cannabis in the state, according to a News Radio 1200 WOAI report.

“Every state that has done this has seen a reduction in opioid deaths [and] a reduction in teenage usage,” Gutierrez told the news outlet. “We allow cities to regulate the delivery method, things like guaranteeing that people can’t smoke outside, but they can smoke in their own home all they want.”

The bill would allow adults 21 and older to purchase cannabis from licensed retailers, as well as grow up to 12 plants at home for personal consumption, according to News Radio 1200 WOAI.

Tax revenue from cannabis sales would go toward security resources, local law enforcement and a school fund, the news outlet reported.

Overall, cannabis policy reform has been slowly advancing in Texas. Earlier this year, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law legalizing hemp production and CBD products in the state, as well as legislation that expanded Texas’ medical cannabis program, although the state abruptly halted its medical cannabis dispensary licensing process earlier this month without warning.