Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Supports Expanding State’s Compassionate Use Program

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October 29, 2020

“I would certainly expand medical marijuana. If it’ll help somebody, I’m for it. Whatever it is. I mean, a toothache, I don’t care. If it’s a cure, if it [alleviates] pain, we should be able to use that.”

^ Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller threw his support behind expanding the state’s Compassionate Use Program. Texas’ top agriculture official toured Compassionate Cultivation, a licensed cannabis producer, and met with parents of children who participate in the program in mid-September, which prompted his comments. Source: KXAN

“This partnership with MediPharm demonstrates STADA’s ambition to be the go-to-partner for generics, consumer health and specialty products.”

^ STADA CEO Peter Goldschmidt commented on the supply agreement his company reached with Canadian cannabis licensed producer (LP) MediPharm Labs in which the LP will provide medical cannabis products to the German market. Goldschmidt added that working with MediPharm will help STADA, a company with a $7.3 billion market cap, “meet the needs of pharmacists and patients and deliver on STADA’s purpose of caring for people’s health as a trusted partner.” Source: Forbes

“We are finally cleaning up some of the inequities of the past by pardoning 2,732 convictions for Coloradans who simply had an ounce of marijuana or less.”

^ On Oct. 1, Gov. Jared Polis extended full and unconditional pardons to Coloradans convicted of simple possession of up to 1 ounce of cannabis, the governor’s office announced. Colorado’s House Bill 1424, which the General Assembly passed earlier this year, included a provision that allows the governor to pardon those who have convictions on their criminal records for possessing up to 2 ounces of marijuana—the current legal limit for medical marijuana users—but the governor only pardoned those with convictions of up to 1 ounce. Source: Executive order from Colorado governor’s office