Spotlight: Lessons From 4/20

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Shoppers came out in droves on the holiday. Here’s what they bought.

August 27, 2018

With $32.12 million in combined sales in California, Colorado and Oregon, April 20 proved to be a sales bonanza. The next closest day (a Friday in June) only reached $18 million. 4/20 sales were more than double average sales for any other day between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2018.

These figures should come as no surprise as we know 4/20 drives sales. But what exactly were people buying?


California is the sales behemoth—consumers there spent $15.5 million on cannabis products on the industry holiday. This was the state’s first 4/20 with adult-use sales, and consumers dropped their dollars on all sorts of goodies.

Californians remained true to their form and crowned Blue Dream as queen of the day, followed by OG Kush and GG4. Among strain-specific flower, the average retail price hit $7.77/gram.

Edibles raked in $2 million on 4/20, with an average retail price of $15.32 per product. Gummies made up 30 percent of sales, while baked goods clocked in at 16 percent and dropper bottles at 15 percent.

Concentrates sold at more than twice the rate of edibles, with $4.8 million in sales and an average retail of $33 per product. Vapes ruled the roost, commanding 79 percent of sales, followed by live resin at 6 percent and wax at 4 percent.


The nation’s second-largest market, Colorado, mirrored California in terms of the most popular strain. Blue Dream was the most purchased, followed by Golden Goat and OG Kush. With an average retail of $3.86/gram on 4/20, prices for flower were about half of California prices. Consumers spent $1.6 million on THC-infused snacks, baked goods and other edibles, and the average retail of $14.15 per product was only slightly less than California’s.

Edible sales in the state again mirrored California, with gummies taking the lead with 40 percent market share in that product category. But that’s where the similarities end: Chocolate bars grabbed 17 percent of sales and hard candy represented 7 percent.

In concentrates, Coloradans and Californians diverge sharply. In Colorado, which had $3.2 million in concentrates sales and an average retail price of $22.34 per product on 4/20, vape cartridges harnessed 34 percent of sales, wax grabbed 21 percent, live resin represented 19 percent and shatter rose to 17 percent.


Oregon saw $985,000 in flower sales on 4/20 and crowned Purple Hindu Kush as the No. 1 strain. Blue Dream wasn’t far behind, taking second place in sales, followed by Dutch Treat. The average retail price in Oregon was $4.73/gram, a bit more than Colorado’s prices, but still significantly less than California’s.

Edibles hit $749,000 in sales, with an average retail of $14.23 per product—a mere 8 cents more than in Colorado.

Oregonians fell in line with the edibles trends seen in California and Colorado. As in the other states, gummies proved to be the most popular. Meanwhile, droppers came in second, followed by chocolate bars and baked goods.

4/20 concentrate sales in Oregon reached $1.45 million with an average retail price of $27.63 per product. Oregonians trended with Californians here, with vapes leading the way with 67 percent of sales, followed by shatter at 13 percent and live resin at 6 percent.

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