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Special Advertising Section - Special Report: Humidity and Climate Control

November 22, 2021

redstallion | iStockPhoto

Maintaining proper humidity levels is critical to cultivation operations growing in controlled environments. Research participants in CBT’s 2021 “State of the Growing Environment” report indicated using a wide range of systems to control air moisture levels, often employing a range of equipment in their facilities. Standalone dehumidifiers were the most commonly reported systems used to control humidity in cultivation areas (48%). Ventilation (44%), air conditioning (37%), and integrated HVAC-D (HVAC systems with a built in reheat, 35%) made up the rest of the humidity control systems growers reported using.

Airflow is another critical component to humidity control in indoor and greenhouse operations. Participants in the 2021 research report indicated using a variety of resources when configuring the airflow layout in their facilities. Nearly half (46%) of research participants reported relying on a contractor or engineer to help map out airflow, while 35% went with manufacturer recommendations. Just under one-third (32%) of growers noted relying on anecdotal expertise, while only 9% said they did not lay out the airflow in their grow.