Smart Pots

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Is your growing pot helping or harming your plants? The only way to ensure the former is to use Smart Pots.

March 28, 2018

Photos courtesy of High Caliper Growing

The container in which you grow will change the growth and yield of your plant. That’s why many of the world’s best cannabis producers grow in Smart Pots.

What is a Smart Pot? The Smart Pot is a fabric aeration container that causes root pruning and root enhancement. When a root tip reaches a Smart Pot’s side, it does not circle, but rather locks into the fabric. This immediately causes branching and pruning of the root. Side rooting will branch and prune again, and soon the plant will develop an exceedingly fibrous, healthy root mass two to three times greater than the root structure of plants grown in traditional containers.

The Smart Pot helps control temperature. Whereas traditional containers (especially under lights) hold heat inside, the Smart Pot releases heat through its porous fabric. A hot pot is not a great growing area. The Smart Pot stays cool.

The Smart Pot also aids moisture distribution and movement. The porous fabric wicks moisture from the wetter areas to the drier areas. Even moisture distribution ensures each new root receives adequate moisture. The result is healthier growth and a better yield.

The Smart Pot has been a cannabis- and nursery-industry staple for more than 30 years. Both the product and the applications have evolved-but horticultural principles such as root pruning, developing a fibrous, non-circling root structure and heat release-remain key.

The Smart Pot was initially developed for the large tree industry. The first fabric “Root Control Bag” (as the product was called then) was created to make harvesting large trees easier. The Root Control Bags helped eliminate the need for expensive digging spades at large nurseries. But another aspect of the product became paramount. The Root Control Bag was root pruning the tree’s root structure. Not only was harvesting easier, a more fibrous root structure gave the trees better fullness and life expectancy.

Renamed the Smart Pot and reconfigured for individual, commercial and industrial growing, the product has launched a revolution in how a container can increase yield.

We assume customers will be growing items that will be ingested, and as such, The Smart Pot is made in the U.S. from clean fabric. Clean fabric means that the Smart Pot is always BPA free, lead free and free of other heavy metal contaminants that could be harmful if ingested.

The Smart Pot is made by High Caliper Growing, in Oklahoma City, Okla.

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