Segra International to Be a Lead Genetics Partner in Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace Technologies Pilot Traceability Program for Medical Cannabis

Segra will be a primary genetics verification provider for TruTrace.


TORONTO and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PRESS RELEASE -- TruTrace Technologies Inc., creator of a fully-integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry, and Segra International Corp., an agriculture technology company, have announced that the two companies have entered into a letter of intent (LOI) to establish Segra as a primary genetics verification provider for TruTrace.

Pursuant to the LOI, Segra will be a lead genetics partner in the Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace Technologies medical cannabis verification pilot program recently announced at the World Cannabis Congress. The Pilot Program is intended to increase transparency, interoperability and product identification within the medical cannabis industry.

Segra will extract DNA from cannabis samples processed at its Genotyping and Molecular Lab Services Division and will provide unique DNA fingerprint codes, allowing for objective confirmation that as-supplied lots of cannabis remain isogenically pure to original reference material.

“Genetic verification is an essential element of our goal to establish traceability and help medical professionals match therapeutic outcomes to specific genetic and chemical profiles,” said TruTrace Technologies CEO Robert Galarza. “As the program scales, we need genetic testing to be completed quickly, efficiently and reliably, and we believe Segra is the right partner to deliver on each of these attributes.”

“Reliable customer experience lot-to-lot is crucial both for the consumer, and for the seller – particularly with cannabis, where individuals often must initially determine variety and dosing to meet their needs,” said Dr. John Brunstein, Segra’s Chief Scientific Officer. “We’re excited to be able to apply our genetic tracking method to assist TruTrace, Shoppers Drug Mart and the participating LPs in this Pilot Program as part of a comprehensive solution to this need.”

The Pilot Program will use TruTrace’s StrainSecure technology as a central hub for identity management, asset tracking, validation, and product authentication. StrainSecure will also serve as a master registry for standardized testing, product verification and quality assurance.