Sage Analytics Releases Cannabis Potency Testing Device

Sage Analytics Releases Cannabis Potency Testing Device

The Profiler II--Humboldt Special Edition offers varied cannabis business professionals real-time cannabis potency testing.

November 29, 2017
Press Release

Los Altos, CA November 14, 2017 – Sage Analytics, the developers of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, debuted the next generation Profiler II–-Humboldt Special Edition (HSE) at the Marijuana Business Conference (MJBizCon) 2017, according to a press release.

The Profiler II HSE is the latest edition of Sage Analytics’ line of spectroscopy-based potency devices that enable measurement of THC and CBD within seconds. Designed for the everyday potency-testing needs of cannabis growers, extract processors and dispensaries alike, this new device is used to test potency in process and drastically improve both the quality and consistency of cannabis products.

“We are experiencing unprecedented growth in cannabis testing needs, which is only expected to increase with further legalization in the coming year. With that growth comes much uncertainty, and cannabis businesses must find ways to adapt,” says Alexander J. Makowski, Ph.D., chief scientist, Sage Analytics. “Growers and extract processors are showing new interest in technologies to help stay ahead of the curve. With our product line, especially our latest Profiler II HSE, we can meet the demands of these businesses by providing cost-effective and faster testing solutions to help their businesses flourish in a fast-growing and uncertain market.”

Sage Analytics’ potency profilers, including the classic Beacon, and now the newest Profiler II HSE, employ optical spectroscopy (the science of light and how it interacts with matter) to provide instantaneous, real-time, accurate measurements. The use of light as an analytical tool affords a number of distinct advantages over alternative methods. Because the light used is non-destructive, the measurements require no toxic chemicals for sample prep or analysis, leaving the sample intact for future use.

The name Profiler II-–Humboldt Special Edition (HSE) pays homage to Humboldt County for how it’s paved the way for the production of cannabis for over three decades.

Sage Analytics also showcased its products with its all-new extract model and software update at MJBizCon, now available for customers via download. The update developed by the Sage Analytics team of scientists allows the profilers to now test virtually every extract out on the market today including kief, hash, distillates, resins and isolates, in addition to producing faster results, and is equipped with an improved and simpler user interface.

For more information on Sage Analytics’ cannabis testing devices, visit:, or call 619-847-4477.

Top image courtesy of Sage Analytics