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March 28, 2018

For the past 25 years, it has been the mission of Safety Vision to enhance vehicular safety through the employment of comprehensive video surveillance solutions, with complete security in and around the vehicle.

Safety Vision systems are the most recognized in North America for their use in metro buses, 18-wheelers, school transportation and more. We provide cannabis business owners the ability to securely monitor inventory from the moment the dispensary truck arrives at the grow facility to final delivery and drop-off. We have the ability to install these systems on any type of vehicle the business may be using—from a van to an armored truck, we have a solution for all.

But our company offers solutions beyond the simple act of recording. Safety Vision aims to educate and inform cannabis clients about mobile surveillance through our products and services.

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For example, live alerts are sent to an email address or relayed through our mobile app in real time to notify clients of events such as vehicle ignition start, sustained idle times, vehicle speed and unplanned routes—all without human interaction (and in turn, human error).

Live streaming allows you to see exactly what is happening when product is moving, no matter where you are. This not only keeps your product safe in the event of a potential robbery, but it also creates what’s called the “Hawthorne Effect” for your employees, which is the idea that when you know you are being watched, you’re likely to behave better.

Footage derived from Safety Vision systems can help instruct drivers through recorded examples, so you can train drivers of what and what not to do while transporting. In addition, the ability to geofence with GPS creates boundaries within a route. Our systems also provide a greater chance of landing transportation contracts because, let’s face it: Companies are more likely to let another company transport their product if they can trust them.

Implementing a Safety Vision surveillance system can keep your business compliant, as some state-legal agencies are now mandating that security footage be present within a delivery vehicle at all times product is being moved.

Knowledgeable sales, marketing, client support and administrative teams also maintain close customer contact. Safety Vision’s satellite offices are strategically positioned in California, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina and Oregon to better serve our North American customers. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas and our installation technicians are located throughout the United States.

Let us show you how Safety Vision’s most qualified mobile surveillance experts in the industry can address your delivery security needs and keep your product and employees safe.

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