Ridder Introduces New Transparent RES 10 R FR Wall Screen

For use in vertical roller screen systems, the RES 10 R FR saves energy while minimizing the amount of light lost within a greenhouse.

March 17, 2021

HARDERWIJK, Netherlands, March 17, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – Ridder is proud to introduce its new transparent energy-saving screen fabric, which has been developed especially for use in vertical roller screen systems. The RES 10 R FR screen is the clearest energy-saving screen in its class, has a very stable structure and is flame-retardant. This means it saves energy while minimizing the amount of light lost.  

Vertical Installation 

The use of an energy-saving roller screen system along sidewalls has become an important standard when cultivating crops that require intensive heating. In the past, many growers placed polycarbonate along sidewalls to prevent the loss of precious heat during colder periods. These days, in many new-build and renovation projects, the use of polycarbonate has given way to a movable vertical roller screen system featuring energy-saving screens along sidewalls. The use of a vertical roller screen system also enables multiple (temporary) compartments to be created within a greenhouse. The new transparent RES 10 R FR roller screen system from Ridder is particularly suitable for both applications.  

Stable and Flexible 

Compared to a conventional horizontal screen system, rolling a wall screen up produces a different type of stress on the screen fabric. This can affect the properties of the screen. Thanks to the flexible but stable structure of the new transparent RES 10 R FR wall screen, the screen properties of the energy-saving fabric remain consistent and reliable. The flexible structure also makes the screen easier to install. 


Ideal for Use in Baffle Screens Too

The new RES 10 R FR energy-saving screen fabric is also ideal for use in baffle screens in order to prevent excessive air circulation above the screen and cold falls. This reduces temperature differences in the greenhouse, resulting in a more even climate, less chance of mold and more uniform growth. Baffle screens made using the highly transparent RES 10 R FR fabric minimize the loss of solar irradiation during the day, while also preventing unwanted cold drafts above the screen.   

High Light Transmission NEN 2675

The new RES 10 R FR wall screen roller has the highest transparency and lowest hortiscatter in its class, according to the NEN 2675 standard. It is the perfect addition to Ridder’s comprehensive package of energy-saving screens.  

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