PathogenDx and Nationwide Laboratory Services Announce Strategic Partnership

The companies will deploy ultra-rapid molecular pathology for rapid strain identification.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PRESS RELEASE -- PathogenDx, Inc., the Arizona-based technology company which provides a DNA-based pathogen testing platform for the cannabis, hemp, agriculture and food safety industries, has announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Nationwide Laboratory Services/The Hayes Division, a national medical lab testing company based in Florida, to deploy PathogenDx's proprietary microarray technology for rapid strain identification in the dermatological and podiatric fungal testing industry. As part of the terms of the agreement, Nationwide Laboratory Services will create a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) based on PathogenDx's testing technology. PathogenDx will serve as the Research & Development platform and Nationwide Labs will serve as the validator and launchpad for the services.

In making the announcement, CEO and Co-Founder Milan Patel said, "PathogenDx'sagreement with Nationwide Laboratory Services will offer doctors, patients and insurers ultra-rapid and less expensive fungal testing results in 6 hours or less, versus the industry standard of 72 hours or more. We all know that DNA-based tests are far more rapid and accurate than plating cultures, but what PathogenDx uniquely offers is multiple pathogen testing as one multiplex test in six hours or less. We have already developed analogous testing for the fungal species needed in the microbial testing market in our other industry verticals. What this partnership with Nationwide Labs will allow us to do is to take that knowledge and expand into the medical testing market. A breakthrough moment for our multi-patented technology, this partnership allows us to move into the multi-billion dollar medical microbial testing market. This is a very exciting announcement for us."

Nationwide Laboratory Services/The Hayes Division COO Dean Morris said, "What is exciting about this announcement for us is that the fungal medical testing market is underserved and the current 72-plus hour testing turnaround time takes too long. In addition, there has not been a new technology to serve this market in a long time. The use of microarray technology could change the U.S. market for clinical dermatology and podiatry for years to come."

Vice President of Business Development Trent Hayes remarked, "Our scientists will work together with the PathogenDx scientists to create a Laboratory Developed Test to be validated and the results of the fungal tests in the study will be brought to market, after review by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP)."

The partnership between the two companies begins immediately. It is expected that a multiplex fungal assay, with capacity to identify up to 44 different pathogens at a time, will be ready for beta testing by the first quarter of 2020.