Oregon May Consider Exporting Cannabis to Other States
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Oregon May Consider Exporting Cannabis to Other States

The Craft Cannabis Alliance is working with legislators to let Oregon start exporting pot to other legal-cannabis states by 2021.


Marijuana could take the next step toward joining pinot noir, craft beer and hazelnuts on Oregon's list of famous exports, under a proposal likely to go before state lawmakers in the new year.

The Craft Cannabis Alliance, a business association led by founder and executive director Adam Smith, is working with legislators to let Oregon start exporting pot to other legal-weed states by 2021.

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Among them is Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, who said he also plans to reintroduce provisions from Senate Bill 1042, a similar proposal that died in the statehouse in 2017.

This comes as the state's legal weed industry has faced plummeting prices over the past year due to demand not keeping up with supply, experts said. Also at issue is whether bad actors are funneling marijuana into the lucrative black market.

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