Ohio Medical Cannabis Regulators Issue Mandatory Product Recall
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Ohio Medical Cannabis Regulators Issue Mandatory Product Recall

Pineapple Express Rosin, Blue Boi Z7 and Afghani #1 rosins produced by One Orijin were made from cannabis that failed microbial testing.

November 18, 2019

Ohio medical cannabis regulators have issued a mandatory product recall on rosins produced by One Orijin.

The initial recall was issued for Pineapple Express Rosin, as reported by Cleveland.com on Nov. 15. While there have been no adverse effects reported, the plant material the product was made from contains unspecified types of microbials, according to the news outlet. Compliance agents discovered the issue while analyzing inventory data in METRC.

Regulators subsequently issued a mandatory recall for two additional One Orijin products, Blue Boi Z7 and Afghani #1 rosin, according to a Cincinnati.com report.

Affected product ID numbers include:

  • M00000038808: Sol Vap 62.3 - 12.6 - 5
  • M00000039812: Sol Vap 59.8 - 0.025 - 5
  • M00000036317: Sol Vap 45.85 - 47.44 - 10
  • M00000036932: Sol Vap 48.79 - 50.59 - 10
  • M00000037232: Sol Vap 68.8 - 0.18 - 5
  • M00000038319: Sol Vap 40.7 - 46.8 - 10

Patients who have purchased affected products were instructed to stop using it and to return any unused product to the dispensary where it was purchased.

Standard Wellness issued a voluntary recall for its THC-infused, water-soluble drops in July following reports that the product was contaminated, but this is the first mandatory product recall issued by the state.