Ohio Awards Second Round of Medical Marijuana Processor Licenses
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Ohio Awards Second Round of Medical Marijuana Processor Licenses

The Ohio Department of Commerce awarded 13 additional provisional licenses Jan. 9, while 13 more applicants are awaiting final compliance checks.

January 9, 2019
Melissa Schiller

The Ohio Department of Commerce awarded its second round of medical marijuana processor licenses to 13 companies Jan. 9.

The state can issue up to 40 provisional licenses for processors; the first round of licenses was awarded in August, and the second round was for applicants who needed to include additional clarifying information on their applications.

The Department of Commerce was to award 26 Round 2 provisional licenses, and 13 other applicants are awaiting final compliance checks before securing their licenses, according to the state’s memo. If an applicant is not able to meet the requirements of the additional checks, which include tax and background checks, it will ultimately not receive a license and the next top-scoring application will secure one instead.

Applicants awarded Round 2 provisional processor licenses are:

  • Appalachian Pharm Processing, LLC (Jackson)
  • Solomon Cultivation Corporation (Johnstown)
  • Pura Ohio Processing, LLC (Columbus)
  • Ohio Green Grow LLC (Toledo)
  • Marichron Pharma LLC (Monroe)
  • Noohra Labs, LLC (Dayton)
  • Pure OH LLC (East Palestine)
  • Debbie's Processing Ohio, LLC (Clayton)
  • Innovative Healing Solutions, LLC (Spencerville)
  • AT-CPC of Ohio LLC (Akron)
  • Real Growth Investments II LLC (Mt. Orab)
  • Mother Grows Best, LLC (Canton)
  • Diamond Science, LLC (Carroll and Dayton)
  • Certified Cultivators, LLC (Dayton)

Ohio Green Grow also received a provisional license for a separate application in Round 1 and will be required to choose a single license of operation. In addition, Diamond Science had two applications that qualified for licensure this round and must choose a single location, according to the scores.

To receive a final certificate of operation, each provisional licensee must comply with all statutory and rule requirements, which include local zoning requirements, according to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program.