NUG Introduces NUG Gummies to Product Lineup

The California cannabis brand debuts micro-dosed edibles.

February 6, 2019

OAKLAND (February 5, 2019)—PRESS RELEASE—NUG—a cannabis brand in California—has announced a new entry to its lineup of award-winning products: NUG Gummies. Infused with 2.5 milligrams of THC per serving, NUG’s newest offering is ideal for both novice cannabis consumers looking to start slow, as well as experienced consumers aiming to build up to a higher dose. The gummies join NUG’s customer-favorite line of organic, fair-trade chocolate bars, sold in chef-quality varieties including salted almond and mocha crunch.

Conceived by NUG’s Edibles Department Director and experienced chef Tyler Cooke, NUG Gummies are available in a variety of assorted colors and fruit flavors, including cherry, orange, lemon and lime. A Culinary Arts graduate at California State University, Cooke has been a working chef for 15 years and combines his culinary experience with NUG’s superior grow and advanced proprietary technology to create high-quality edibles.

"Unparalleled in purity, safety and taste, NUG Gummies are the perfect micro-dosed edible for the new generation of cannabis users, offering the option for each individual to customize their own unique, ideal dose,” said Cooke. “Gummies are a familiar, discreet and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, and we are thrilled to introduce our own variation set apart by NUG’s world-class extracts and rigorous testing standards.”

“We are undergoing an unprecedented period of growth at NUG,” said Dr. John Oram, founder and CEO of NUG. “From expanding our product portfolio to opening up five retail stores, this year will hold in store a host of major initiatives that will propel us to the forefront of not only California’s cannabis market, but the industry at large. The launch of NUG Gummies is only a glimpse of what’s coming through the pipeline in the weeks and months to come.”

NUG Gummies will be distributed extensively across California, joining the company’s expansive lineup of edible and smokable products, which are sold in over 80 percent of the state’s dispensaries.

NUG cultivates and extracts all of its own cannabis to ensure that only the finest quality is used in its product lines. To find out where to purchase NUG’s new gummies and other products, visit