NRGene Announces Global Contest for a Chance to Win QuickGenetics, a Genomic Starter Package for Cannabis and Hemp Breeding

Applications are open until March 13.


NESS ZIONA, Israel and SAN DIEGO, USA – January 13th , 2020 – PRESS RELEASE – NRGene, a genomics solutions provider, is announcing a global contest today as part of a new product campaign.

Following 150 successful genomic projects performed to market leaders in the seed business and more than 10 successful genomic projects done in cannabis and hemp, NRGene has gained a broad understanding of how to best employ genomics for breeding new elite varieties. This know-how is crucial in order to meet the unique challenges the cannabis and hemp markets are facing in developing elite varieties that perfectly suit their medicinal, wellness or recreational purposes.

The company is now offering a full portfolio of genomic solutions that helps any cannabis company accelerate the development of new varieties through artificial intelligence-based breeding, including highly accurate genome mapping, diversity analysis and trait mapping. Access to such services allows growers and breeders to efficiently and precisely develop new cannabis varieties with desirable characteristics while significantly reducing costs and timelines.

During 2019, NRGene made great strides in the cannabis industry and expanded its customer base through deals with such market leaders as Cronos Group, Aurora, Oregon CBD, Pure Holding and more.

QuickGenetic – Data-Driven Decision Making for Superior Plants and Accelerated Breeding

To ensure a smooth entrance to molecular breeding, NRGene now offers QuickGenetics – a comprehensive package that supports breeders in creating breeding programs tailored towards specific traits. The service includes expert consultation, full genome assembly of key lines, the broad analysis of genetic diversity and the targeted DNA marker discovery required for stacking desirable traits and creation of optimized varieties.

“QuickGenetics is the ideal solution for those who seek to keep up with the rapid pace of cannabis product innovation,” says Gil Ronen, CEO and founder of NRGene. “Our experience enables us to offer mature solutions that are uniquely positioned to give the cannabis industry the boost it needs''.

As part of the new product launch, NRGene has announced a global contest and invites cannabis breeders and growers to apply for a chance to win a free package of QuickGenetics, a prize valued at over $100,000 USD. All contestants are requested to  submit a short form explaining some of their breeding needs and goals for 2020. Winners will be selected on the basis of the goals, ambition and innovation.

Applications are open until March 13 . Click here to complete your application.