New Mexico Total Cannabis Sales Top $40 Million in July
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New Mexico Total Cannabis Sales Top $40 Million in July

Adult-use sales accounted for about $23.5 million.

August 8, 2022

New Mexico’s total cannabis sales have hit another record high for July, bringing in $40.3 million, and “show no signs of slowing down,” according to a press release.

Medical sales accounted for $16,813,947.36 million, while adult-use sales accounted for $23,491,184.55 million, bringing the total cannabis sales to $40,305,131.90 million for July.

According to the release, New Mexico’s July cannabis sales have surpassed every other month, including April, which was the state’s first month of commercial adult-use cannabis sales.

Licensed retailers brought in $22.1 million in adult-use sales and $17.3 million in medical sales for April, bringing the total combined to nearly $39.5 million, Cannabis Business Times previously reported.

According to the release, these ­­five cities had the highest total cannabis sales for July:

Albuquerque $6,892,490.04 $7,692,123.42 $14,584,613.46
Santa Fe $1,624,345.16 $1,875,498.41 $3,499,843.57
Las Cruces    $1,502,159.30 $1,798,714.17 $3,300,873.47
Hobbs $363,439.59 $1,259,443.22 $1,622,882.81
Rio Rancho $873,861.25 $742,725.15 $1,616,586.40

“These numbers show that the impressive sales generated in the first month of legalized recreational cannabis sales were no fluke–-and this is only the beginning,” said Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. “We’ve established a new industry that is already generating millions of dollars in local and state revenue and will continue to generate millions more in economic activity across the state, creating thousands of jobs for New Mexicans in communities both small and large.”