New Law Opens Possibilities for Maine Medical Marijuana Providers
Top photo: © Carsten Reisinger | Adobe Stock

New Law Opens Possibilities for Maine Medical Marijuana Providers

Dispensaries and caregivers can collaborate, rather than compete, under the state's new rules allowing business-to-business medical cannabis sales.

December 21, 2018

In its newly remodeled Portland shop, Wellness Connection is now offering a line of boutique, limited-edition products it calls Maine Selects.

This line of smokable marijuana, edibles and concentrates will stand out from Wellness’ other offerings. Not only will the products constantly change, they may cost a little more and will be made by a small curated group of Maine caregivers who specialize in hard-to-find strains or unusual extraction methods instead of in the dispensary’s in-house cultivation and extraction facility in Auburn.

“I call it our farmers market,” said Executive Director Patricia Rosi. “Wellness will search the cannabis marketplace, visit the cultivation facilities and extraction labs, and test the products to find the best of what Maine has to offer. We will be the curators. I’m very excited about the possibilities.”

This collaboration is possible because of a new state law that went into effect last week allowing business-to-business medical marijuana sales. Previously, medical businesses had to grow and make almost everything themselves. The new law allows them to sell up to 30 percent of a harvest or inventory to each other, increasing economic opportunities for them and product selection for Maine’s 50,000 medical patients.

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