Nevada’s First Cannabis Lounge Set to Open
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Nevada’s First Cannabis Lounge Set to Open

NuWu will open the state’s first cannabis tasting lounge in Las Vegas Oct. 5.

October 4, 2019

Las Vegas’ NuWu will open Nevada’s first cannabis tasting lounge Oct. 5, allowing customers to sample products as they would at a craft brewery or wine tasting room.

Waiters will offer smoking, vaporizing and edibles options to guests, and the dispensary has instituted a time limit in the lounge to guard against overconsumption, according to a local KSNV report. NuWu’s staff will also work with Uber, Lyft and taxi services to ensure that none of its customers drive after partaking in the lounge’s services, the news outlet reported.

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Las Vegas city officials approved the lounges earlier this year, but Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a bill in June that overhauled how Nevada’s cannabis industry is regulated, which placed a hold on licensing cannabis lounges.

NuWu is located on sovereign tribal land and thus subject to tribal authority, KSNV reported.