NanoSphere Health Sciences and Vertical Companies Commence Production in California

Evolve Formulas' Transdermal NanoSerum will hit dispensary shelves in the Golden State in time for the holidays.

October 11, 2018

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PRESS RELEASE--NanoSphere Health Sciences, Inc., the biotechnology company behind the patented NanoSphere Delivery System, in partnership with Vertical, the largest fully integrated company in the legal medical cannabis industry, has officially started production to bring its commercial cannabis brand, Evolve Formulas, into the California market.

NanoSphere announced its licensing agreement with Vertical earlier this year. Vertical will provide planning, permitting, development and operation of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution and retail facilities in California and other markets across the country in the coming months. As the largest fully integrated company in the medical cannabis industry, Vertical utilizes a 1.2-million-square-foot grow facility to supply over 220 retail outlet stores including the production of approximately 250,000 grams of oil per month.

“We’re thrilled to break ground and enter the next phase of our partnership with industry leader Vertical by bringing our patented technology to the world’s largest legal cannabis market,” said Robert Sutton, chairman and CEO of NanoSphere Health Sciences and Evolve Formulas. “With California representing nearly a third of the North American cannabis market, the commencement of production in this powerhouse state marks an enormous step for the Evolve Formulas brand in our national expansion strategy. We are eager to soon share our cutting-edge solutions with a broad audience of consumers in California and beyond.” 

“Vertical was proud to present Evolve by NanoSphere at the recent Hall of Flowers trade show for the California legal cannabis industry.  As we presented our 25 brands to hundreds of licensed cannabis retailers of California, Evolve stood out for its unique value proposition to patients everywhere,” said J. Smoke Wallin, president of Vertical. “This has led to a backlog of preorders from accounts waiting for us to launch with California compliant packaging in November. The market can’t wait!” 

NanoSphere’s cannabis product line, Evolve Formulas, consists of two variations of Transdermal NanoSerum applicators, one THC-dominant and one CBD-dominant in formula. Both products leverage the breakthrough NanoSphere Delivery System, which nano-encapsulates cannabinoid molecules in lipid membranes for transportation through the skin and into the bloodstream within minutes. The result is high bioavailability, minimal wait-time, precision-metered dosing and elimination of adverse side effects. This patented technology is the first and only advanced nanoparticle cannabinoid delivery system and can only be found in NanoSphere Health products. 

Evolve Formulas is currently available in over 200 dispensaries in Colorado, with hemp-based products soon to launch in Indiana. California is the first of numerous markets across the country to begin manufacturing the Evolve Formulas products under NanoSphere Health Sciences’ licensing partnership with Vertical.