Most Popular Strains and Special Offers

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June 7, 2016

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Top 5

Most Popular Strains on leafbuyer This Month:

  1. Durban Poison (sativa)
  2. Girl Scout Cookies (hybrid)
  3. Sour Diesel (sativa)
  4. OG Kush (indica)
  5. AK-47 (hybrid: sativa dominant)

Deals From Top-Performing clients

ABOUT LEAFBUYER:, which provided the “Most Popular Strains and Special Offers” data, is a consumer-facing online database for legal cannabis and cannabis-related products. In legal states across the country, Leafbuyer connects medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers with dispensaries, product companies, head shops and grow stores. Users can find special deals on all related cannabis products in their area online using sophisticated search mechanisms and a mapping interface.

Leafbuyer assembled the above information using internal data on prices and popular deals for the month of April.