Mormon Church Releases List of ‘Legal Issues’ With Utah’s Medical Marijuana Initiative

It's the second time The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has comments on this matter.

May 14, 2018

The LDS Church on Friday released a memo describing what it views as “legal issues” surrounding a ballot initiative in support of medical marijuana in Utah.

Compiled by the Salt Lake City law firm Kirton McConkie, the seven-page document raises a variety of legal issues, with claims that the initiative would allow some people to grow as many as six marijuana plants; create “significant challenges for law enforcement”; and see large numbers of Utahns qualifying for medical cannabis cards, among many other legal concerns.

It is the second time The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has weighed in on the marijuana ballot initiative, which aims to secure a spot on the November ballot. Last month, the church released a statement that commended the Utah Medical Association (UMA) for opposing the initiative. “We respect the wise counsel of the medical doctors of Utah,” it said.

The Friday memo was more strongly worded, effectively offering 31 reasons the Mormon church opposes medical marijuana legalization.

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