Minority Cannabis Leaders Head to Capitol Hill to Advocate for Legalization and Equity in the Industry

Minorities for Medical Marijuana have planned a three-day event to highlight the need for equity and diversity in the legal cannabis industry.


NEW YORK - May 8, 2019 - PRESS RELEASE - In an effort to support cannabis legalization at the federal level and ensure that future legislation contains robust equity measures that promote industry inclusion and restoration of communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition, Minorites for Medical Marijuana (M4MM), an advocacy based non-profit organization representing 26 states, will meet with congressional representatives in Washington D.C. during its lobby days on May 9-11, 2019.

During face-to-face meetings on Capitol Hill, M4MM leadership team members will offer insight and perspective on the importance of federally legalizing the multi-billion cannabis industry with equity provisions to ensure that communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition can be restored and that individuals from those communities receive support and assistance to start businesses and careers in cannabis.

M4MM will also discuss industrial hemp and highlight its initiatives to educate and empower urban farmers and black landowners to grow the now federally legal plant with legislators and USDA administrators responsible for black farming initiatives and education. “We will be sharing tangible solutions M4MM has created to help bridge the hemp farming opportunities and education gap for urban farmers and Black land owners,” says Roz McCarthy, M4MM president and CEO.

“Our perspective is critical for lawmakers creating and supporting the policy decisions that will shape the cannabis industry,” says McCarthy. “We are going to use our lobby days to share the work we’ve been doing state by state to advocate for inclusive cannabis regulations and to call on our elected officials to protect the growing industry and make it a force for positive change.”

M4MM will host an industry mixer and third anniversary celebration on May 10, as part of its three-day event highlighting the growing importance of the cannabis and hemp industries around the country and the critical need for lawmakers to support equity and inclusion at every level.

For more event details, visit  www.minoritiesformedicalmarijuana.org