Letter from the CEO

Special Report - Special Report: State of the Lighting Market

November 1, 2018

In 2016, Fluence Bioengineering sponsored Cannabis Business Times’ first “State of the Cannabis Lighting Market” report. Our message to readers in that first report delivered a bold prediction: “In the same manner as the semiconductor industry reshaped business, compound semiconductors (specifically LEDs) will transform the cultivation world.”

Now, 24 months later, we can validate that prediction. Compound semiconductors have transformed the cultivation world, especially commercial cannabis. As you will discover from this report, LED adoption has exponentially grown. More growers are using LEDs in their indoor or greenhouse operations throughout all growing stages than ever before.

Fluence Bioengineering is proud to be a thought leader in horticulture lighting, and it is our goal to continue to refine our understanding of plant photobiology to address the ever-increasing demands of and innovation in cultivation operations.

Our focus at Fluence is you, the cultivator. Our mission: to enable you to succeed with solutions based on science and research. We thrive by helping clients make informed decisions and achieve their cultivation and business growth objectives.

To help ensure our clients’ success, we collaborate with strategic partners and research institutions to discover innovative ways lighting systems can be used to produce quantifiable and repeatable results. We conduct numerous controlled environment experiments to better understand how photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), spectral composition and photoperiodic light treatments can increase yield and quantitatively alter cannabinoid profiles and terpene expression.

Our recent acquisition by OSRAM brought together purpose-built horticulture technology with a global lighting leader that shares our mission to be a global innovation leader. OSRAM has armed us with substantial resources to continue advancing LEDs and to invest in new technologies to help advance cannabis cultivation practices. We are dedicated to helping growers deliver higher quality products and establish themselves as leaders in the developing controlled environment agriculture industry.

But we aren’t in this lighting game alone. For the industry to continue to innovate and support cultivators in their efforts to produce the best possible crops, we need more information on cultivators’ strategies, challenges, concerns and goals. Essentially no cumulative data had existed about the cannabis lighting market, until now.

Fluence is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of Cannabis Business Times’ third-annual “State of the Cannabis Lighting Market” report. With three years of data, lighting trends can now be identified, making this year’s report the most comprehensive yet. We support CBT’s efforts to share scientific knowledge and industry trends, as we believe the data in this report will give cultivators meaningful insights into the future of profitable cannabis cultivation.

Dave Cohen, CEO, Fluence Bioengineering