AT-CPC Separates From Calyx and Rebrands to Become Klutch Cannabis

Klutch is now wholly-owned and operated from within Ohio.

AKRON, Ohio, July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -PRESS RELEASE- AT-CPC of Ohio, LLC, one of Ohio's leading Level 1 Medical Marijuana Cultivators and Processors, formally announced today its separation from Calyx Peak Companies. AT-CPC of Ohio is now wholly owned and operated within Ohio and has rebranded under the name Klutch Cannabis.

Klutch Cannabis also introduced its list of brands and new product lineup. Ohio patients will soon be able to purchase products under the following:

  • Klutch Cannabis, which will feature a wide range of flower and processed products, with a focus on variety and accessibility for Ohio patients.
  • Klutch Select, which will feature a premier line of flower and processed products showcasing some of the most limited, sought after and award-winning genetics in the world.
  • Klutch Mind and Body, which will function as a wellness line and will feature products formulated to resemble more traditional medical and wellness products, such as tinctures, capsules, lotions and other new creative forms of medicine currently being developed in house.
  • Josh D, which will continue to showcase original, award-winning OG Kush varietals and other rare genetics made famous by legendary California breeder Josh Del Rosso.

"At a time when the cannabis industry is reeling from economic hardship and the remnants of prohibition, the Klutch family of brands has been born out of our commitment to double down on the promise we've made to Ohio patients," said Klutch's founder and CEO, Adam Thomarios. "Our entire team works tirelessly to bring patients some of the best medicine available on the market. We take pride in that commitment every day, always."