How to Grow Karma Sour Diesel BX2 (aka The Sowahh)

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The Sowahh is bred by Karma Genetics.

October 14, 2019

Courtesy of Karma Genetics

Cultivar Details:

Plant physiology: Grows narrow and tall, similar to OG Kush, with a lot of stretch. Early careful removal of lower branches and pinching terminal buds/shoots will result in even growth and reduce bolting of terminal buds. Leaves show fairly broad leaflet blades and are dark, thick and leathery when the fertilizer regimen is within good parameters.

Average yield: Ranges from 37 to 65 grams per square foot (ft²). The key is to manage the plant so that you get the most out of the abundant stretch without losing weight on lower growth. The best way is to end up with 36 one-inch branches at a density of two branches/ft². Planting density should be slightly lower than shorter varieties (3 to 5 ft² per plant indoors depending on the crop cycle used).

Flowering time: 70 to 84 days after initiation of flowering photoperiod.

Ideal light-intensity setting: Will reward the grower with vigorous rapid growth under high-intensity light or full and direct sun—she is no shrinking violet.

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: The best bud and terpene development occurs at temperatures of 77 degrees to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. A controlled irrigation strategy is important when growing plants at these temperatures.

Ideal relative humidity (RH): RH should drop slowly throughout the crop cycle from 60% to 70% during vegetative growth, to 45% to 60% through flower. During the transition into flower, the fastest growth is seen at a slightly higher RH.

Water needs: These plants do not like to have wet feet for prolonged periods of time. Careful dry-downs and a daily drain percentage vs. drip of 20% to 30% work best.

Nutrient needs: Within normal parameters—although it will store excess ammonia, leading to weak growth and a weak root system if overfed during vegetative growth. After 45 days in flower, a low-nitrogen and high-potassium strategy works best.

Cannabinoid profile: High-THC varietal with only trace amounts of secondary cannabinoids.

Terpene profile: Generally high in myrcene and limonene, with some ß-caryophyllene. Smell is mostly astringent sour gas, with notes of hops and lime. Flavors come through as strong, greasy sour gas that leaves a coating in the mouth, similar to some old-school Afghanis.

Susceptibility to any diseases/conditions: Resistant to most mildews, molds and pests as the leathery-type leaf structure and terpene ratios are a turn-off for most insects. Does not like to be overwatered, so careful monitoring of root health is important.

Sjoerd Broeks is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the cultivation of cannabis with more than 25 years of cannabis cultivation and breeding experience. After completing the start-up stage at the Pharm as cultivation director, Broeks is now the genetic development and R&D director for The Pharm LLC, a cannabis cultivation business in Willcox, Ariz., that operates a 320,000-square-foot glass greenhouse. Broeks is also a founding member of The Dutch Consulting Company.