Jeremy Plumb to Deliver Keynote Address at Cannabis Conference 2019

Jeremy Plumb to Deliver Keynote Address at Cannabis Conference 2019

Pruf Cultivar’s director of production science will speak on re-envisioning cannabis consumer relationships in a post-prohibition era.

April 2, 2019

Jeremy Plumb, director of production science for Pruf Cultivar, will be delivering a keynote presentation at Cannabis Conference 2019, taking place April 1-3 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. Plumb’s keynote will take place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 2.

In its third year, Cannabis Conference, the leading North American cultivation and dispensary education event produced by the award-winning publications Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary, has expanded upon the success of previous events’ cultivation education and includes for the first time a dispensary track for retail businesses and employees. Cannabis Conference 2019 features in-depth educational programming on cannabis cultivation and business operations, as well as industry perspectives on retail management and customer and patient engagement. The event also features a sold-out 70,000-square-foot expo floor showcasing more than 125 technology and solutions providers that serve cannabis cultivation and dispensary businesses.

In his role at Pruf Cultivar, one of the most technologically advanced cannabis cultivation facilities in North America, Plumb combines decades of cannabis horticulture experience with cutting-edge technology to lead the company’s R&D projects and deliver previously unattainable consistency in both product quality and consumer effect.

Prior to joining Pruf Cultivar, Plumb was a co-founder of Farma, which was recently acclaimed by Rolling Stone as one of Oregon’s top dispensaries. Plumb has also served as a cannabis consultant to Israeli medical cannabis researchers and as a cannabis policy adviser for members of the U.S. Congress. He also serves on the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Control Commission’s rule-making advisory committee. In 2015, Plumb co-founded Cultivation Classic, Oregon’s leading craft cannabis competition. He also serves on the technical advisory committee of the Resource Innovation Institute and is co-founder of the Open Cannabis Project.

In his keynote, titled “Wayfinding: Re-Envisioning Cannabis Consumer Relationships for a Post-Prohibition Era,” Plumb will share how cannabis operators can do more to inspire long-term relationships between people and the plant using education, new product mixes, quality control and effective communication. He will provide insights into existing product mixes and production methods including high-THC/Type-1 myrcene dominance, product characterization, pyrolization, concentration, inter-lab variability, grower personas, hype-strain versus chemovars, and more. He will also review emerging research perspectives—and a few practical techniques to achieve maximum benefits—with a focus on the currently underserved markets, including women, Baby Boomers, and those requiring long-term, affordable and therapeutic use.

Plumb also spoke on the “Lighting Research Intensive: How Spectrum and Intensity Influence Plant Characteristics and Development” session with Utah State University’s Bruce Bugbee at 4:25 p.m. on Monday, April 1, and he will speak on the “Science That Sells: Debunking the Sativa and Indica Myths and Instead Focusing on Terpenoids, Cannabinoids and Flavonoids” session with Farma’s Andrea Sparr-Jaswa, Cascadia Labs’ Jeremy Sackett and GB Sciences’s Dr. Dominick Monaco at 4:40 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2.