InterCure and Cookies Launch Flagship Retail Location in Vienna, Austria

NEW YORK, TORONTO and HERZLIYA, Israel, June 23, 2022 - PRESS RELEASE - InterCure Ltd. announced the successful opening of the first flagship Cookies store in Austria located in the Neubau district of Vienna. 

The flagship location offers Cookies’ unique CBD menu, available for the first time in Europe, as well as clothing and lifestyle products. In the future, as regulations are evolving, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis will be available for Austrian patients, including Cookies EU-GMP THC products.

The Vienna launch represents the spearhead of expanding into additional European countries, following the successful collaboration between the two companies in the global pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis markets, including Israel.

“We are proud to make another big advancement in the expansion of our winning model into Europe and deliver on our promise to supply the highest quality and reliable cannabis products to every territory with a supportive regulatory framework,” said InterCure’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Rabinovitch. “We look forward to welcoming Austrians and the millions of tourists who visit Vienna to the first Cookies location in the country. I am grateful for the amazing work of our teams in Europe and partners at Cookies who helped make this successful launch and look forward to the many more to come across the continent.”

“Bringing the Cookies brand and its products to Vienna is a core part of our global expansion strategy. By partnering with a global partner like InterCure, we can share cannabis-based medicine and culture from California to Europe,” said Parker Berling, Cookies president.