Adding Hemp to Beverages: Quotes from Around the Industry

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January 14, 2022

Courtesy of The Pathfinder

“I think there’s an incredible opportunity for drinks to really increase the awareness and mainstream acceptance of cannabis, because when people get together, they drink. That’s how people socialize.”

Chris Abbott, co-founder of The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, a fermented and distilled hemp-based, non-alcoholic spirit manufacturer, said when describing why the company decided to break into the hemp-based beverage market.



Courtesy Shawn Hauser

“The notice [from the] Department of State Health Services I think was really responding to stated confusion in the industry, and I think [confusion] amongst enforcement regulators in the state as to the legal status of delta-8, because there has been an increasing demand in the market, particularly in states where there are not robust regulated cannabis programs.”

Shawn Hauser, partner and co-chair in the Hemp and Cannabinoids Department at law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP, said in response to a statement made by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in late October declaring that delta-8 THC is considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance under state law.



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“We still need to understand better specifically … what these cannabinoids and terpenes are doing. However, we know that CBD or THC or other cannabinoids are not one receptor-specific [in the body], and they have all these other roles. And that could be why they’re having the effect. So, we still need to do research on it to justify the hypothesis, but you do see it across the industry, that people are looking at it.”

Dr. Karolina Urban, Ph.D., Avicanna’s vice president of scientific and medical affairs, said regarding the research behind the company’s study to address how cannabis compounds treat epileptic conditions.