The Latest in CBD: Quotes from Around the Industry

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April 5, 2021

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"By including multiple companies and announcing all settlements at once, the CBDeceit announcement was coordinated to send an authoritative message to the CBD industry, broadly that the law requires companies to have robust evidence known as ‘competent and reliable scientific evidence’ to support their health claims, a standard that applies to health claims for all consumer products.”


Kristi Wolff, partner at Kelley Drye & Warren and chair of the firm’s cannabis law practice group, wrote on about the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) “Operation CBDeceit,” an enforcement effort that she called the most “significant and coordinated FTC enforcement in the CBD space” to date. In December 2020, the FTC announced proposed settlements with six CBD companies that made unsubstantiated health claims, and those settlements became final in early March 2021.


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“What we observed to date is no clinical evidence of liver disease in any participants. We observed slight, clinically insignificant elevations of liver function tests in less than 10 percent of consumers irrespective of age, product composition and form, and the amount consumed.”


Jeff Lombardo, PharmD., a board-certified oncology pharmacist, said in a statement about preliminary findings from a seven-month study of CBD’s effects on the liver, facilitated by Validcare, a company that conducts patient-centric clinical trials for the supplement industry. The study included 839 participants and is a response to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) call for science-based data on the cannabinoid.


“There’s not going to be a hemp industry in Massachusetts if this isn’t implemented in a timely fashion. We’re in a legal [cannabis] state that’s about to drop the ball on hemp—the most benign form of the cannabis plant.”


John Nathan, president of Bay State Hemp Company, a licensed hemp extractor and processor in Massachusetts, told Hemp Grower about the state’s slow rollout of a new law that would allow licensed hemp growers and processors to sell their products to cannabis dispensaries.