Hawthorne Gardening Company Announces the First DesignLights Consortium Listing for Gavita LED Lighting Fixtures

Hawthorne’s Gavita 1700e has been certified by the DesignLights Consortium.

VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan 23, 2020 – PRESS RELEASE – Hawthorne’s Gavita 1700e LED lighting fixture has been certified by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC). This listing status means growers who purchase the fixture are now eligible for state and national rebates—potentially cutting upfront equipment costs by as much as half and making it increasingly appealing for growers to switch to more efficient LEDs inside their facilities.

“Core to our mission is helping growers to solve their most pressing problems,” said Chris Hagedorn, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hawthorne Gardening Company. “This is one of the most exciting, innovative and challenging industries to be a part of, and we’re committed to helping cultivators of all sizes succeed. This new DLC listing allows for our Gavita LED to be rebate eligible, making lighting both more efficient and more affordable for growers”.

As the first Gavita fixture with DLC listing status, the 1700e combines power and efficiency like never before in the brand’s three-decade history. More efficient fixtures like the 1700e drive cost savings and improved margins without sacrificing quality, making products more competitive and empowering business owners to invest in growth and innovation in an increasingly competitive industry. The 1700e is designed specifically for the needs of indoor growers an efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per Watt, IP66 wet rating and eight passively cooled bars that eliminate moving parts.

A New Source For Climate Control and Partnership with Spacesaver

In addition to Gavita’s DLC certification, Hawthorne also announced a partnership offering its tools and supplies for commercial growing operations bundled with durable, multi-tier benching from the leading high-density shelving manufacturer, Spacesaver Corporation. This partnership is aimed at helping growers optimize their business by equipping them with products designed for indoor growing that leverage any building configuration. Two-, three- or even four-tier benching systems allow growers to fit more tables and plants in the same square footage than single-tier options, increasing the potential for higher yields in a single growing season while helping streamline workflow and maximize efficiencies.

Technical Services Aimed at Helping Cultivators Build Their Business

The Hawthorne team, including biologists, soil scientists, airflow specialists and horticulturists, provide growers with a range of professional technical support services. From recommendations for purpose-built HVAC equipment and popular nutrient regimens, to custom lighting/benching layouts and water analyses, every offering is aimed at helping licensed producers and commercial growers understand which products can best help them achieve the scale, efficiency and quality needed to make their businesses successful.

Airflow experts at Hawthorne will also work with growers to provide customized product recommendations intended to achieve balanced airflow and ward off pests and disease. Hawthorne recently revealed its portfolio of temperature- and humidity-control systems. With top brands like Quest and York, Hawthorne offers options built to withstand the intense heat and humidity in growing facilities with climate control equipment designed specifically for indoor horticulture.