Hardy Boy Farms Provides Cannabinoid Research Company ebbu with State-of-the-Art Hemp Greenhouse, Genetics Lab

150,000 square feet of greenhouse space and an on-site laboratory will allow ebbu to continue its efforts to revolutionize hemp cannabinoid production.

April 13, 2018

DENVER, Colorado—PRESS RELEASE—April 12, 2018—Hardy Boy Farms, one of Colorado’s largest greenhouse operators, and ebbu, one of the leading cannabinoid research companies in the world, are teaming up to push the frontiers of hemp research and cultivation in a new indoor facility, according to a press release.

Hardy Boy Farms will provide ebbu with approximately 150,000 square feet of its greenhouse space in which to grow hemp. They have met the requirements to obtain a hemp cultivation license from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Hardy Boy Farms is also building an on-site laboratory for ebbu’s horticultural scientists to work in, within a separate greenhouse research area of 1,500 square feet. This will give ebbu’s botanists the opportunity to test how particular strains perform in the greenhouse environment, and to continue their patented work in plant genetics to maximize cannabinoid output, by boosting in-plant cannabinoid production and cultivating rare-cannabinoid-specific plants.

“The partnership between our two companies is a natural,” said Jon Cooper, ebbu’s CEO. “We are both working toward the same goal: cultivating the highest quality plant materials possible, using the most advanced technologies available to yield the best products.”

As one of the largest cultivators in the state, with a million square feet of greenhouse space across three locations in the Denver Metro area, Hardy Boy Farms was a logical and ideal partner when ebbu sought a site to research hemp genetics and alternative cultivation methods. Hardy Boy Farms’ growers are trained with genetics in mind, with a biologist and soil scientist on-site.

“Our focus is quality and customer service,” said Marty Gerace, owner of Hardy Boy Farms. “Those are our top priorities on which we built our business. We believe ebbu shares those qualities and values, and working together has been a true partnership.”

Hardy Boy has been in business since 1948, with third and fourth generations of the original owner’s family currently running the business. As an independent supplier, they provide Denver metro area’s local garden centers and landscapers with bedding plants of all varieties. Hardy Boy Farms focuses on vegetable production.