GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures

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March 28, 2018

Photos courtesy of GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures

For nearly 40 years, GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures has been providing commercial and professional growers with custom and turnkey greenhouse structures. Over the past decade, we’ve taken our unique greenhouse design and cultivation experience and applied it to the cannabis industry. Our cannabis specialists apply sound agricultural principles throughout the design process, so each grower can reach their highest profitability.

The benefits of working with GrowSpan start with the structure. With GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, growers have the opportunity to utilize natural sunlight, allowing them to significantly cut utilities costs. Although these structures allow the natural sunlight to filter through, growers can still establish a controlled environment that allows them to grow and harvest all year long.

GrowSpan’s line of greenhouse structures features greenhouses and high tunnels of all sizes and styles, and our specialists can customize the structures to each grower’s most specific requirements. GrowSpan provides numerous cladding options, so whether a grower wants a tunnel covered in poly, a commercial greenhouse clad in polycarbonate or anything in between, it can be found at GrowSpan.

Each GrowSpan structure can also be outfitted with custom greenhouse systems, allowing the grower to establish complete environmental control. GrowSpan customers experience a one-stop shopping experience, so their structure can be designed to include automated light deprivation systems, HVAC, lighting, growing systems, custom accessories and anything else a cannabis grower could need. Best of all, GrowSpan can completely automate these systems and design them so they work together, allowing operations to reduce their labor needs. With GrowSpan, maintaining a completely controlled environment that enables year-round production is easy.

GrowSpan is also home to HydroCycle Growing Systems. We’ve helped a number of cannabis growers increase their yield and profits with custom designed hydroponics systems. These systems simplify greenhouse management and maximize the output of the growing space. Systems are available in NFT, Dutch bucket, ebb and float, aquaponic and aeroponic styles. These durable systems allow growers to reduce water usage, while also limiting the risk of disease and pests.

When working with GrowSpan, growers can also have the option of utilizing our expert cannabis consultation. Our cannabis specialists are not only growers themselves, but they also understand the industry and what it takes to establish a successful business. Growers that utilize our cannabis consultation can take advantage of profitable and sustainable business models that are tailored to their operation. With GrowSpan’s cannabis consultation, growers can create a business that is not only successful now, but also well into the future.

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