Grower’s Choice

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We understand the needs of today’s horticultural industry and aim to provide effective lighting solutions.

March 29, 2018

Photos courtesy of Grower’s Choice

Grower’s Choice is a collaborative effort led by lighting and horticulture experts. We develop intelligent, commercial-grade, affordable horticultural lamps, fixtures and ballasts designed to better serve cannabis cultivators.

With headquarters in Southern California alongside some of the most experienced growers in the world, Grower’s Choice offers the industry’s most technologically advanced ceramic metal halide (CMH) lighting solutions.

Through our research and development (R&D), market feedback and international manufacturing power, we consistently offer high-quality, innovative products with fair prices to cultivators looking to boost their bottom line.

In late 2015, we launched the industry’s first Double-Ended (DE) CMH lamp. Since then, we have saved growers hundreds of dollars with our efficient, full horticultural spectrum technology. For example, growers with existing Double-Ended fixtures can easily get a DE-CMH lamp and enjoy the new technology without buying a new CMH fixture (which can potentially cost $800 or more, per lamp).

Our lighting fixtures are the most reliable units available on the market. We are at 0.2 percent failure rate compared to the market average of 3 percent. All our products are tested in-house by a trained technician before going to market.

Operating as both a manufacturer and distributor, the Grower’s Choice team communicates with commercial growers, consulting partners and wholesalers directly to better understand their needs.

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated, which means we hold consultative conversations to provide customized solutions to each and every customer. No question goes unanswered and no detail unnoticed.

The Grower’s Choice R&D team is led by a group of lighting and horticulture experts from around the world with more than 30 years’ experience developing lighting solutions specifically for plants.

We achieve the highest level of quality by sourcing parts from Germany, Japan and the United States. And since we distribute our lighting equipment from the U.S., we can pass along that value right back to our customers.

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