GeoShepard Announces Full Solution for Vertically Integrated Cannabis Companies

Through partnerships with a number of complementary cannabis software firms, GeoShepard has enhanced the functionality of its mobile cannabis data entry application.

DENVER — (EMBARGO July 22, 2019) — PRESS RELEASE — GeoShepard, a Colorado-based technology company focused on helping marijuana cultivators plan, review and measure crops digitally while capturing and delivering compliance data to government regulation agencies, has announced partnerships with several other cannabis software vendors to offer a fully integrated technology solution for marijuana cultivators and dispensaries.

“When it comes to the necessary adoption of technology, our nation’s fastest-growing industry, cannabis, is just like any other. Tech is reshaping the industry in a huge way,” said Jay Lineberry, CTO at GeoShepard. “Cannabis companies on the cutting edge are realizing significant advantages in terms of cultivation, management and especially compliance. While GeoShepard’s software helps cultivators manage crops and compliance on the backend, these partnerships will allow us to create a seamless experience throughout the entire growing process.”

In partnership with Flowhub, a retail management solution for cannabis dispensaries in the United States that processes over $1 billion in cannabis sales annually, GeoShepard is adding a seamless point-of-sale (POS) component that keeps marijuana distributors compliant with state marijuana regulatory agencies from cultivation all the way through the sale.

Additionally, GeoShepard recently partnered with Cova, another POS solution for the cannabis industry. Cova helps cannabis retailers simplify compliance, reduce operational costs and increase revenue through automated compliance, inventory management, mobile reporting dashboard and express checkout application. Together with GeoShepard, Cova can ensure all dashboard measurements from the cultivation stage are combined with the POS system to offer a seamless experience for GeoShepard customers.

“Seeing the continuing evolution of cannabis regulation across the country, it is apparent that mandatory state marijuana regulations often complicate and slow the process for growers and distributors,” said Lineberry. “The biggest shift the industry is set to experience will be technology-based. Implementing innovative technology helps dispensaries, growers and other stakeholders across the industry save time and money when dealing with the highly regulated legal cannabis space.”

GeoShepard customers are currently experiencing an average of 42 percent savings in harvesting labor costs. The software is available for use in all states utilizing the METRC compliance system, including: Alaska, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon and Washington, D.C. For more information about GeoShepard or the company’s mobile cannabis data entry applications, please visit