Flower One and Deuces 22 Enter Agreement to Bring Cannabis to Nevada

Deuces 22 is a lifestyle cannabis brand founded by four-time NBA champion John Salley, and daughter Tyla Salley.

TORONTO, July 18, 2019 /CNW/ - PRESS RELEASE - Flower One Holdings Inc. has announced a licensing agreement with LA-based Deuces 22 – a new lifestyle cannabis brand founded by four-time NBA champion John Salley, and daughter Tyla Salley. Emphasizing quality and convenience, Deuces 22 is focused on providing cannabis consumers with access to locally-produced, high-quality flower. The cannabis brand has also established an inclusive and informative educational platform, Deuces Academy, aimed at reducing the complexity of cannabis for consumers of all experiences and levels of sophistication. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute, and sell Deuces 22's selection of high-quality dry flower and pre-rolls in Nevada. This marks the U.S.-market debut of Deuces 22.

"The Flower One team is thrilled to partner with Deuces 22, and introduce the brand and its products to Nevada and the U.S. market for the very first time," said Ken Villazor, president and CEO of Flower One. "Our portfolio of Brand Partners is further strengthened today with the addition of Deuces 22, a company that is not only passionate about providing high-quality, premium cannabis products to its consumers, but also taking the complexity and stigma out of cannabis products through their educational platform. With this announcement, Flower One continues to diversify the cannabis offerings made available to Nevada's cannabis retailers and consumers of all experience levels."

"The vastness of Flower One's cultivation and production operations made this partnership an easy decision. We strongly believe in their expertise and knowledge of the industry, and trust that as the Deuces 22 brand grows and evolves, the team and facility behind Flower One will be integral to our ability to reach and deliver a memorable experience to the market," said John Salley, co-founder and president of Deuces 22. "Today's announcement marks Deuces 22's inaugural launch in the U.S. recreational cannabis market, and we couldn't be happier to do so in Nevada with the support and guidance of Flower One."

"The skill and experience of Flower One was immediately evident. From our first meeting, we knew we had found an impressive, local producer with values that aligned with our own. Using industry-leading greenhouse technologies and innovative growing practices, Flower One's growers have an unparalleled level of agricultural expertise that we are very excited to leverage," said Tyla Salley, co-founder and CEO of Deuces 22. "We feel confident that Flower One is well-positioned to elevate the Deuces 22 brand, and to help us achieve our goal of delivering the best high without sacrificing accessibility or convenience."

A selection of Deuces 22's products will soon be available for purchase in Nevada, carefully branded to evoke a down-to-earth, additive-free experience that is reminiscent of a simple night at home surrounded by close friends. Pre-rolls will also soon be on retail shelves in the state, packaged with materials that are biodegradable and compostable at a much more sustainable rate compared to plastics. The Deuces 22 merchandise line – including t-shirts with graphic designs reading "#VeganAF" or "SATIVA" – will also be available in Nevada. Vape pens, edibles, CBD topicals, among other products, will follow in the near future.