Executive letter

Special Advertising Section - Control Your Grow: Letter


We’ve seen so much change in this industry since we founded our company in 2006 that it’s difficult to know where to start. Back then, our clients were mostly hobbyists and small-scale cultivation facilities, but we always knew the market was going to catapult into something significant, and we’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done to grow with it.

One of the founding principles of our company was to help growers avoid costly and wasteful mistakes in the most practical way possible, and that continues to be a guiding principle of our business today. In 2008, we started to see how commercial production was scaling, and how important our work would become in making it better. We deployed our first commercial cultivation facility in Arizona in 2011. Shortly thereafter, our focus shifted from controlled environment agriculture as a whole to state-legal cannabis.

Our dedication to cannabis came about for three reasons:

1.We believe wholeheartedly that cultivators can do good, and do well.

We all certainly want to do well in what we produce. Doing well pays the bills and sends our kids to college. But doing good is about helping people. At Surna, our systems and solutions help cultivators maintain ideal environments that produce clean, high-quality medicine, all while lessening the resource-intensive practices our industry has become known for. Our objective is to leverage our experience in this space in order to bring value-added climate control solutions to our customers that help improve their overall crop quality and yield, as well as optimize the resource efficiency of their controlled environment (i.e., indoor and greenhouse) cultivation facilities. We can do well for ourselves and do good for everyone else.

2.Our expertise in controlled environment cultivation is not something you can achieve overnight.It requires years of experience. Hundreds of projects. Tens of thousands of hours, and a fair amount of success through failure. Through all of this we have gained expertise, and we firmly believe that Surna is the first call any cultivator, investor, contractor, engineer, gardener or cannabis consultant should make when planning and designing an indoor grow.

3.We have a fierce commitment to our customers.Construction of a cultivation facility is a long, stressful and intense process, and a company’s true measure is how it responds in these circumstances. We strongly believe that our client relationships are partnerships, and we’re in it together. There is nothing more important to us than our relationship with our customers. We are consultants to lend advice, shoulders to lean on, and lifetime cheerleaders for everyone we do business with. We genuinely love this industry, and the people in it.

That is why we created this first-of-its-kind climate control Special Report. By sharing best practices with the industry at large, we can all do better.

Let’s Grow Together!

Brandy Keen

Co-Founder, Senior Technical Advisor, Surna