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May 2, 2018

Blue Moon creator and renowned brewmaster Keith Villa, Ph.D., is launching a new cannabis-infused beer product called CERIA. Among the company’s 2018 goals is to be the first to introduce a line of non-alcoholic craft beverages containing THC. Source: Press Release

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) spokesperson David Harns confirmed to Cannabis Business Times that the state issued hundreds of cease-and-desist letters to dispensaries that failed to submit license applications by the Feb. 15 deadline. As of publication, 212 businesses had received letters. Source: Cannabis Business Times

Ohio’s Department of Commerce Director Jacqueline T. Williams, whose agency oversees cultivators, processors and testing labs, said not all licensed cannabis businesses, including 57 retail dispensaries, will be open by Sept. 8 (the “deadline” prescribed in the state’s law). Source: Cleveland.com

Wells Fargo spokesperson David Kennedy detailed the bank’s marijuana policy in an email to the AP after the financial institution called in a loan on a building leased by Steep Hill Alaska, a cannabis testing lab. As a result, Steep Hill Alaska suspended its cannabis testing operations on March 31, leaving only two testing labs for the entire state. Source: Associated Press