Emerald Harvest

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Simple, easy success.

March 28, 2018

Photos courtesy of Emerald Harvest


You told us what you wanted. We listened. Emerald Harvest was the fruit of thousands of conversations with growers just like you. You told us that, although there were many nutrient brands on the market, none seemed to really get at the basics of what growers wanted. You love your gardens. And because you are passionate about growing as a business, you wanted the most from your gardens—both for profit and for personal satisfaction.

Growers like you wanted high-quality premium nutrients that didn’t overload their plants or their feeding systems with needless salts that run off and make a sticky mess. You wanted nutrients that were best for the high-value crops you grew. You wanted something that brought out the maximum genetic potential of your plants.

So we made products using premium, plant-based ingredients that help growers reduce effort, improve harvest quality and lower costs.


Time is money, Money is time. Growers like you wanted nutrients that were easy to use. You also wanted to spend less time mixing nutrients, to put in less effort reading complex feed charts, and to expend less energy carting around all those bottles. You wanted to mix and measure without spilling valuable nutrients everywhere. And you also wanted to safeguard your plants.

At Emerald Harvest, we recognized that your garden is your most precious asset. So we created an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, streamlined nutrient system where you spend less time mixing nutrients or trying to figure out the best way to feed your plants. And we made it easy for you to have peace of mind. We bottled our premium nutrients with a safety cap and a tamper-evident ring that guaranteed the integrity of our premium base nutrients and supplements. We designed a simple feeding system that helps your gardens become the best they can be.


It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At the end of the day, you want to spend less effort, less money and less time while still getting the best out of your garden.

Emerald Harvest is a seven-time winner of “Best Nutrient Company” awarded by a leading industry publication. We’re the fastest-growing brand at Sunlight Supply Inc.—the largest and most experienced supplier of indoor gardening products. We’re sold at more than 1,200 resellers with brochures, catalogs and product guides translated into five languages. We can’t manufacture our premium nutrients and supplements fast enough to keep up with the demand.

Emerald Harvest Commercial Agronomic Services provides cultivation expertise to some of the largest commercial facilities in North America, including advisory on strategy, technology, design, construction and project management. Our crop-consulting experts take a balanced approach to indoor and outdoor growing by developing customized solutions that increase productivity and profitability. Growers from coast to coast are raving about the results we’ve helped them achieve.

We’ve created a superlative, streamlined range of premium base nutrients and supplements designed specifically for your high-value plants so you can achieve simple, easy success.

For more, visit emeraldharvest.co.