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We embrace the resurgence of ethanol extraction.

March 28, 2018

The world’s very first legal cannabis dispensaries were opened in San Francisco shortly after California voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996. Eden Labs was right there in the mix showing the brand-new industry how to produce high-quality cannabis concentrates for those who preferred not to smoke flower. Eden Labs was uniquely positioned for this role. The company had been formed in 1994 to manufacture botanical extraction equipment for the herbal medicine market. Fritz Chess, the company founder, had been a practicing herbalist for years before that.

The legal cannabis market has grown and matured since then, and Eden Labs’ vision to promote clean, healthy extraction methodologies across industries has greatly influenced its growth by creating a sea of successful startups and by supporting the wave of social justice and medical applications politically. Eden has one of the best reputations in the industry for its dedication to the industry on every level, but especially for its quality extraction equipment, unparalleled customer service and stellar R&D team.

Eden Labs Commercial Ethanol Extractor
Photo courtesy Eden Labs

Like many industries, the cannabis concentrate market is subject to trends based on innovation. It all started with Eden Labs Coldfinger™ extractors in the early 1990s. These devices distill ethanol through a basket of herb, which makes a dark green resinous oil very similar to the Jamaican hash oil that old timers will recall from their youth. Eden Labs introduced filtration early on, which cleaned up the oil so that it tasted, smelled and looked more appealing. This was the beginning of cannabis oil refinement, a major segment of the industry today.

In 2010, just as the Obama administration began relaxing cannabis rules, Eden Labs began to heavily promote supercritical CO2, and an entire ancillary extraction industry was born. Eden had been perfecting this process for years and was well-positioned for the switch from ethanol extraction to CO2. To this day, Eden Labs is known for having the fastest and most maintenance-free supercritical CO2 extractors in the industry.

What goes around, comes around—and in 2018, ethanol extraction is having a renaissance. The two main reasons for this are that most cannabis extracts are highly refined these days, so the first stage of extraction is less relevant than in the past, which leads to the second reason. Ethanol extractors cost far less than CO2 or butane extractors. Eden Labs is fully embracing this renaissance. It has the largest and most sophisticated distiller/extractors in the industry, which can steam-distill terpenes or essential oils, extract cannabinoids with ethanol and distill the ethanol out of the finished oil. This system performs seven useful features, depending on a business’s needs.

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