Desert Aire Details Grow Room Energy Usage In New Application Note

Upward sloping energy requirements justify informed, integrated approach.

February 13, 2018

Desert Aire, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidity and climate control systems, has published a new technical resource that explains how to minimize the power consumption of HVAC systems needed to maintain optimal conditions in grow rooms and indoor farms.

Read the full application note below. 

“Application Note 27 – HVAC Systems and Grow Room Energy Usage” is a 6-page publication that helps growers, consulting-specifying engineers and mechanical contractors understand the intricacies of grow room and indoor farm energy use. The Application Note focuses on regulating and matching sensible and latent process loads to maintain the design setpoints of growers, climate control functions essential to maximizing crop yields and desirable product traits.

Application Note 27 also details how Desert Aire’s GrowAire™ purpose-built systems combine the functions of air conditioners and dehumidifiers into integrated solutions. These integrated solutions provide growers with the lowest operating costs and the tightest temperature and humidity setpoint control available in the industry. An additional, critical benefit is the ability to precisely control the vapor pressure deficits of grow rooms.

To support its technical discussion the Application Note compares the energy consumption of four types of grow room HVAC systems during the key modes of lights-on and lights-off operation. This energy consumption discussion also examines the impact that plants have on cooling the room through their transpiration process.

Desert Aire technical resource on HVAC Systems and Grow Room Energy Usage by sandydocs on Scribd