Denver Overhauls Its Cannabis Rules: Week in Review
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Denver Overhauls Its Cannabis Rules: Week in Review

Denver recently passed its first major policy overhaul, allowing delivery and hospitality businesses to set up shop as soon as this summer.

May 1, 2021

It’s good to remind ourselves that we’re in the early days of the legal cannabis space. It’s obvious, but too often our day-to-day work (and the fast pace of the industry from the jump) can insulate us from that fact. We’re in the thick of it, and our passions drive our goals.

But even in the pioneering marketplaces like Denver, Colo., there is much to revisit and much to reconsider. The city recently passed its first major policy overhaul, allowing delivery and hospitality businesses to set up shop as soon as this summer. It’s a good example of local legislators working diligently to fine-tune regulations in a city that was on the vanguard of legal cannabis seven years ago—a lifetime ago in our concept of time.

Assistant Editor Andriana Ruscitto has the story in the links below. And don’t miss Associate Editor Tony Lange’s report on unionization efforts in the cannabis space.

We’ve rounded up some of the key cannabis headlines from the week right here.

  • Cultivation and dispensary employees from Massachusetts and Rhode Island join UFCW union as part of a national labor organizing wave. Read more 
  • Cannabis deliveries and hospitality locations will be allowed under the proposed changes to Denver’s cannabis laws. Read more 
  • Adult-use cannabis legalization remains uncertain in South Dakota, where the state’s Supreme Court heard arguments April 28 on the constitutionality of a voter-approved amendment from the November 2020 election. Read more 
  • The Louisiana House Criminal Justice Committee advanced House Bill 524, which would establish the regulatory framework for adult-use cannabis in the state. Read more 
  • Vessel Brand, a community-led company focused on uplifting the cannabis consumption experience, announced a new partnership with GAIACA Waste Revitalization in an effort to combat the ongoing waste issue facing the cannabis vape industry. Read more 

And elsewhere on the web, here are the stories we’ve been reading this week:

  • Politico: “As more and more states legalize marijuana, companies are facing new pressure from lawmakers across the country—and Capitol Hill—to limit the strength of their products.” Read more 
  • Taos News: “Now that a regulatory committee is being formed and rules are being drafted [in New Mexico], the citizens and the government of Taos are preparing for a potential influx of cannabis businesses.” Read more 
  • The Denver Channel: “New Mexico's legal marijuana market could cut off a huge line of revenue for Colorado dispensaries at the border. Cities like Trinidad, which sits just north of the border with New Mexico, boasts dozens of dispensaries and has come to rely on the ‘border model’ to survive.” Read more
  • Bangor Daily News: “As with any evolving industry, we should remain flexible moving forward. However, lawmakers should understand that the forthcoming oversight measures are part of a much-needed upgrade for medical cannabis in Maine.” Read more 
  • Benzinga: “Vertically integrated cannabis company Ascend Wellness Holdings has opened a new store in downtown Boston.” Read more