Colorado Expands List of Pesticides Acceptable for Cannabis

There are over 400 pesticides that the Colorado Department of Agriculture considers to be not in violation of the Pesticide Applicator's Act.


June 17, 2020, Colorado,-PRESS RELEASE- The Colorado Department of Agriculture has expanded the list of pesticides that can be used on cannabis without being in violation of the Pesticide Applicators’ Act.

The Pesticides added to the list were; BioCeres WP, Howler Lawn and Garden Organic Fungicide, Onward by ArgXplore International, Regalia Biofungicide (concentrate) and Stargus from Marrone Bio Innovations.

The department reviews pesticide labels upon request and maintains a list of products whose label it has reviewed that it believes could be used on marijuana without violating 35-10-117(1)(i), as long as the applicator follows the label directions.

The Colorado DoA has a running list with more than 400 pesticides that it believes can be used on cannabis plants without violating state rules, and new pesticides can be added or removed at any time.