First Cannabis Research Center Opens in Switzerland

Pure Cannabis Research AG and Pure Holding AG will establish the Cannabis Research Center.

September 13, 2018

Zeiningen, September 13, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – Pure Cannabis Research AG and Pure Holding AG have announced the establishment of the Cannabis Research Center (CRC). The CRC, situated in Switzerland, will facilitate research on cannabis. In collaboration with ETH Zurich, NRGene, Israel and further global partners, Pure Cannabis Research AG will improve the methods of plant breeding.

In these very complex studies, well over 10,000 cannabis plants will be measured and analyzed. The knowledge and data gained from those studies will be used in combination with proprietary genomic data to allow for the assembly of suites of complex traits in a multitude of different combinations. Aroma profiles, pest and fungus resistance, flower colors, growth rate and other plant characteristics will no longer be left to chance.

"It's fascinating how this market has developed. Proper resource allocation leads to a win / win situation for the industry and mankind. The knowledge gained from the science is beneficial for society as well as for the market. The cannabis plant has an incredible potential. And, thanks to the research center, we will be able to scrutinize and realize this potential," said Stevens Senn, CEO of Pure Holding AG. In the same statement, he refers to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), which describes CBD as a beneficial substance for human health.

Accordingly, Pure Holding AG's objective is clearly defined: "We will be able to greatly contribute to scientific findings. The cannabis plant is profoundly valuable as a source of phytopharmaceuticals with the capacity to improve the lives of millions of people," says Yannik Schlup, CBO of Pure Cannabis Research AG, referring to the mission of Pure Cannabis Research AG.