In Utah, Concern Over the Number of Physicians Registered to Recommend Medical Cannabis

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March 5, 2020

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“It would be very sad to me if a lack of providers becomes a barrier for patients.”

^ Dr. Marc Babitz, deputy director of the Utah Department of Health and a practicing physician, said on Feb. 10 that he is concerned about whether the program will have enough doctors registered to recommend medical cannabis to patients who need it. Registered patients began purchasing medical cannabis products March 1. Source:

“There are a lot of micro-producers waiting for Health Canada approval.”

^ John Carle, executive director of the Alberta Cannabis Council, said more micro and craft producers would be welcome in the Canadian market, as the smaller operations would appeal “to people who still go to the black market.” Source: Calgary Herald

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“Spent plastic tubes used to hold cannabis cigarettes, vaporizer cartridges containing excess cannabis, and vaporizer batteries are polluting the environment without product controls.”

^ On Jan. 31, the New York State Bar Association delivered a report from its committee on cannabis law that made various recommendations on how to legislate medical or adult-use cannabis. One of the recommendations was to enact legislation that took into consideration the environmental impacts of cannabis legalization, including cannabis product packaging. Source: New York State Bar Association