Smart Pots

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With root-pruning capabilities, improved water distribution and more, Smart Pots are the container of choice for cannabis cultivators.

April 6, 2020

Photos courtesy of High Caliper

Professional growers know the container you use can increase both plant growth and yield. The Smart Pot is the container of choice for smart cannabis growers. Why? Let’s review the science.

The Smart Pot root-prunes your plant’s root structure. Root pruning is the process of initiating lateral roots from a main dominant root or “tap” root. When a root grows to the side of the Smart Pot, it does not circle. Instead, the porous Smart Pot holds that root, initiating lateral growth and side root branching. As this process repeats itself, total root mass can be doubled or tripled. More roots lead to more yield! Here’s how it works.

  • The Smart Pot releases heat. Heat builds up in a plastic container. Even when temperatures are 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the inside of a plastic container with hot lights or the sun beating down can measure above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Roots do not grow in 125-degree-Fahrenheit soils. Maintaining proper temperature in your container speeds growth.
  • The Smart Pot is a clean fabric. Inferior, knock-off fabric containers are made of recycled material, possibly containing excess lead, copper and other heavy metals. Roots uptake these heavy metals, jeopardizing your grow. At Smart Pot, we assume our customers are growing plants they plan to eat or otherwise ingest. A clean fabric container helps give your grow a quality end product.
  • The Smart Pot improves water distribution. In a plastic container, water moves by gravity, with the top often too dry while the bottom stays too wet. The Smart Pot is made of a porous fabric, with millions of holes. Water is pulled by capillarity, moving from wet areas to drier parts of your soil medium. Moisture naturally distributes itself. Even moisture distribution improves overall root growth.
  • The Smart Pot holds soil medium completely. There are millions of holes in the fabric Smart Pot, allowing water to drain. But the holes are too small for medium to exit.
  • The Smart Pot is a durable, well-made container. Unlike other fabric containers, it will not fall apart in the middle of a grow. The Smart Pot can be cleaned and reused again and again.

Smart Pots can be purchased directly by commercial accounts or at your local grow store. We custom manufacture for specific situations. Smart Pots are made 100% in the USA and are always available.

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